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Goli Gummies & ACV

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Ever heard of Goli Gummies? No I hadn’t until recently either. Here’s another for you have you ever heard of Apple Cider Vinegar?

Again, me neither.

I was asked not so long ago to take a long on behalf of a client and the more I delved deeper the more intrigued I became.

This truly does seem like a bit of a wonder drug with the benefits ranging from acne cures to weight loss.

There does seem to be a huge craze around these gummies which are essentially just that, they are apple cider vinegar (which I imagine doesn’t taste very nice) in a nice easy to swallow gummy so I imagine this tastes quite nice.

I do intermittent fasting and it’s good to see that this wonder drug (I say ‘drug’ it’s not it’s a natural supplement) is good for this too and if you want to find out why check out this article from the same guys in the link above entitled “the benefits of apple cider vinegar” and this is only partially related to the fasting because it’s the ACV that essentially does the work.

So if you were to market this product where would you start? We all know that Amazon “adapt” people’s products on a regular basis and assimilate them into Amazon clones so I think this would be a risky venture.

I think SEO is a good way forward and there are plenty of routes to take (although probably quite competitive but I haven’t really checked out the competition yet) and of course there is the paid ads route which given the health YMYL thing this is probably a mine field. Finally social media which is a given.

Social media marketing ideally should be a huge marketing channel given that people who buy this stuff are probably using the plethera of social platforms just ready to share the information that could be published with SEO in mind.

I’m going to post about this again at some point in the near future but I thought I’d have a little chat about it before I delve further into deciding whether I want to tackle this as an affiliate project or not.

All the best!

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Yellow Search offers insights into some marketing methods and strategies without the need to sell any services.


Weird Niches – Mechanical O Ring Seals

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mechanical seals and o-ring seals

We were having a team meeting in the pub the other day (seriously dude, that’s how we roll) about what work we had done in weird niches. One of our team members, Mark, brought an ex client who sold mechanical seals and o ring seals (link provided but brand shall remain nameless) and what the creative / SEO approach was for this particular project.

You see tackling obscur niches can be tricky for all marketers, you may well already know this.

The conclusions that we reached are:

  • Search volume needs to be taken very lightly, your client may be selling something very valuable and therefore even a single sale could produce an Return On Investment (ROI) for them.
  • Some businesses like the mechanical seal sellers have a customer who does not tend to Google for things, they either have a trade catalogue or they go to a local supplier for parts – a car garage is a good example.
  • This shouldn’t deter you from still trying to do your best for the client, after all in the instance of selling O ring seals once the connection is made from seller to buyer that relationship is forged so as long as there is SOME volume you should go for it.
  • Don’t trust search volume anyway, valid in other ways. If you selling mechanical seals to engineers then maybe they tend not to search for your product directly. They probably have their own obscur interest in O rings such as “what is the heat bearance of a 2 inch polymer O ring when used in a rocket system” or something crazy like that (we made that one up). So dive deep into your research, go speak to the seller AND buyers and ask nicely if they will talk to you about their industry. You should also leverage forums, YouTube, Reddit etc because these can be great sources of information when it comes to the type of information these guys really want to know.
  • Sometimes it’s more important to dig deep into the technical information and provide this data for engineers (which is what Mark did in the case of the mechanical O Ring guys). Engineers then share this in their forums etc and you get a win.

This obviously is just a single case which was brought up in our conversation and if have some suggestions of your own then we’d love to continue this discussion with you in our comment section below or on one of our social media platforms.

We hope this has been of use – see you soon readers!

Yellow Search

Yellow Search offers insights into some marketing methods and strategies without the need to sell any services.


Roofers Wirral – How To Market A Roofing Company in Google

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Marketing a roofing company is relatively easy, it’s a local audience and most work will come word of mouth if the company is any good. But this doesn’t mean to say that a roofing company shouldn’t ignore SEO and other forms of Internet based marketing. It’s possible to combine off site marketing such as leaflet drops and local newspaper adverts but lots of people do actually check out the reputation of a building company nowadays before hiring so it really is worth considering reputation management as a part of your marketing strategy overall even if you think the internet is a magic box of tricks or a place to watch videos on.

Reputation Management

There are plenty of places that you could register your roofing company on which allow for customer feedback and this in turn will be read by future prospective customers for your business. Rated building, Yelp, Google reviews to name just a few but even Facebook should make it onto your target list of sites to get a good review from given the viral nature of some of the posts that seem to get shared when something goes wrong (or even good if you do a good enough job).

It’s all about the best roofing company

Well maybe that’s not the case because to be fair there are plenty of really good roofers who do a great job who don’t get the recognition that they deserve just because they are not great at promoting their own company and that’s where SEO and other marketing services can help.

Getting your roofing company to the top of Google is only a small slice of the pie. All this will do is to put you in the eyes of the people needing roofing work undertaking, they will check out your website, probably get a quote and then check you out against your previous work so be prepared if you have had any bad reviews in the past to explain why this is the case.

We’ll write more on marketing a roofing company soon but for now we’re signing off, bye for now!

Yellow Search

Yellow Search offers insights into some marketing methods and strategies without the need to sell any services.