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What Is Ethical Clothes Recycling

Charity begins at home some people say and in some cases that’s probably true but what if you want to help people outside of your immediate family? There are plenty of servicesthat help charities where they need it most. Well if you can drive then you probably know that people already rely upon your charitable taxi’ing skills (perhaps if you are living in Wirral or Ellesmere Port then learning to drive would be a great gift for that “special” family member(s)), Chester is already swamped with learner drivers!

Anyway, I digress. If you would like to donate something to charity there’s lots of ways you can go about it and giving your old clothes is a very amicable way of parting with your old friends – they will go ahead and help another person who needs them more than you do then the world is moving toward being a better place one step at a time.

Marketing a charity using SEO is a mixed bag. If the charity is targeting a local audience then you’re back to ranking for individual keywords again however if the charity is able to take donations from all over the UK (or even further) then the marketing takes on a whole new twist because now you can focus on a content marketing strategy and push thousands of keywords with the strategy in mind of being able to attract attention from people further afield who want to donate their clothing or other items for a worthy cause.

Outreach is a good method for charities, if you can find complimentary companies who are willing to list your charity or your service that aids charities on their website (and most people with a heart will do this) this is a good way of getting your website and charitable service noticed.

Also, if you are targeting a local audience then it makes sense to be listed locally too so that people who want to donate to a charity (particularly in the local area) then they can give you a call for your services.

All in all working a marketing strategy for charities or companies that help charities can be a really good thing, it’s ethical and morally correct to do this. Every little helps as the saying goes. The blog post above regarding ethical clothing recycling is a good read – it shows just how much wastage is happening because people are buying an obscene amount of clothing for it just to go to waste and end up on the rubbish dump. There are people worldwide who don’t have enough clothing to wear and there are people in affluent countries literally throwing clothes away – it’s madness!

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