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How to market a carpet cleaning company


First of all we’d like to thank Graham for the input on this post, it’s been really beneficial, thanks! As way of an example the target keyword is “carpet cleaners Liverpool‘ with a secondary focus on ‘carpet cleaners Wirral‘ and finally ‘carpet cleaners Warrington‘.

That’s set the stage.

Those are target keywords for a carpet cleaning company based in Liverpool. So if this is you or if you are based somewhere else in the UK, listen up, here’s some good advice.

When thinking about what to put on your website ALWAYS PUT THE USER FIRST! The website in the links you will find above has done just that.

It features testimonials and reviews, photographs or work (and videos), pages that describe what services are offered, useful blog posts to help people out if they”re looking for an expert advisor and more.

Not only this but in terms of SEO it builds on TRUST.

Not only trust with people but also with Google. First of all ALWAYS PUT THE USER FIRST – so the trust you must install to your visitors will be along the lines of

  • having a GDPR compliant cookie notification
  • having a privacy policy
  • displaying expertise with your content and imagery
  • easy to navigate service pages
  • company branding including logo that is consistent throughout the web
  • displaying your opening hours and contact details including address
  • your content is actually helpful to read and answers the questions your visitors may have

If you satisfy this element for the user then the search engine falls into place right behind it. We’ve not mentioned page load speed but this comes under the User Experience, this and other tweaks that you can make to your website (which should always be for the User Experience) will  then translate into good on page SEO. The only thing that is missing really is schema markup which IS for search engines but then results in better search results in Google so again this is helping the overall User Experience.

People overcomplicate things when it comes to SEO for their carpet cleaning business. Just think like your users, create a trusted and useful experience for the user journey and try to eliminate any frustration points they may experience.

Local SEO differs from nationally targeted SEO because your target audience is local and local people would not necessarily benefit from you talking about how to get a stain out of carpet. After all if this is what they are looking for they’re probably not going to hire you to do it for them unless you can convince them otherwise. On the other hand if you have an obscure business you need to be publishing content that will inform and educate them so they are introduced into your sales funnel. Some local SEO just needs more landing pages for locations within your target city for each of your services, in the case of carpet cleaning this is the best way to approach getting more traffic to your site which converts (speaking from an organic SEO perspective only). Content marketing WILL result in more traffic but probably less conversions.

The key take away is to know your customers and the why & how of their contact with your business. If you need to take a content marketing approach then do that, otherwise hit them with useful pages that target their local town and service requirement i.e. sofa cleaning in Birkenhead. Be a big fish in a little pond and your phone will ring all day long.

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