Lingerie Shopping

Lingerie Shopping

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Lingerie Shopping

Lingerie eCommerce is no different to other online stores, in fact there are probably more apparallel and clothing stores than any other type of products being sold online. Buying clothing online comes with some rules and in this article we’d like to approach this from the perspective of a buyer to give you an idea of how to set your online store marketing out and therefore the User Experience.

When it comes to lingerie shopping online, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, make sure you know your measurements. This includes both your bust and waist size, as well as your hip size. It’s also important to choose the right style and colour of lingerie that will flatter your figure.

Finally, be sure to check the return policy of the online lingerie store before you make your purchase. Most stores offer a refund or exchange if you’re not happy with your purchase, but some stores have a no-returns policy.

Of course, there are some shops that are more popular than others. Below is a list of the 10 most popular online lingerie stores based on user ratings and customer reviews. Take a look at the top ten lingerie sites below to choose one you like.

Looking for something more specific? Check out our guides to plus size lingerie , sexy lingerie and cheap lingerie .

Top 10 popular online lingerie stores:

1. Uplifted Lingerie

2. Agent Provocateur Lingerie

A UK-based store selling a wide range of luxurious lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear collections for women of all sizes. Their collections include everyday basics, special occasion lingerie, bridal and maternity collections.

3. Bare Necessities

4. Bloomingdale’s Lingerie & Swimwear (US)

A department store with a great selection of gorgeous designer lingerie and swimwear for women in their plus size section. They also have an extensive range of popular brands like Chantelle, Parfait and Cosabella.

5. Boux Avenue (UK)

Two words: Sexy knickers! Boux Avenue offer a wide range of sexy lingerie, daywear and nightwear for women in their underwear sale section.

6. Figleaves (UK)

High quality lingerie at affordable prices. Focusing on larger cup sizes, Figleaves offers everyday basics and special occasion lingerie in varying styles.

7. Intimacy (US)

Specializing in bridal lingerie, Intimacy is a must-visit site for any bride to be! Their collection of the finest wedding night lingerie includes an array of beautiful robes, chemises and nightgowns.

8. La Perla (US)

La Perla is a luxury lingerie store selling a range of beautifully crafted intimates and sleepwear for women in their lingerie sale section.

9. L’Agent by Agent Provocateur (US)

A line from the luxury UK-based lingerie and swimwear store, Agent Provocateur. Their collection of L’Agent line is available in their lingerie sale section.

10. Rigby & Peller (UK)

Known as the official Royal Warrant holder for the Queen of England, Rigby & Peller sell beautiful high end bras and swimwear for women.

When it comes to buying bras and underwear online, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, make sure you know your measurements. This includes both your bust size and band size. It’s also important to choose the right style and colour of bra that will flatter your figure.

Finally, be sure to check the return policy of the online lingerie store before you make your purchase. Most stores offer a refund or exchange if you’re not happy with your purchase, but some stores have a no-returns policy.

driving lessons Wirral

Driving Lessons Wirral

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driving lessons Wirral

If you are thinking about taking a driving lesson and live in Wirral then you have a lot of companies to choose from. In order to choose, here are some tips for taking driving lessons Wirral (we recommend this Wirral driving school, for the best driving instructors in Wirral):

Why are you learning to drive? Which companies are you considering? How much do they cost? All important and very frequently asked questions by the person and friends and family of the person learning to drive. Let’s discuss…

1. Choosing the right driving instructor

Finding the right driving instructor can be a daunting task. After all, you will be entrusting this person with your driving future. However, there are a few things you can do to make the process a little easier.

To start with, ask around for recommendations. Friends and family members who have driven before are a great place to start. They can give you honest feedback about their experience and may even be able to recommend a specific instructor.

Once you have a few names, take the time to do some research. Check out each instructor’s website and read any reviews you can find. This will give you a good idea of what to expect from each one.

Finally, take the time to meet with each instructor. This will give you a chance to see if you feel comfortable with them and ask any questions you may have.

Ultimately, the choice is yours but following these guidelines should help make the process a little easier.

Check out each instructor’s website and read any reviews you can find.

2. What to expect from your first driving lesson

When you take your first driving lesson, there are a few things you can expect. First of all, the instructor will likely go over the basics of driving with you. This includes things like how to use the clutch and gear stick, how to brake and how to turn the car.

They will also discuss the rules of the road and answer any questions you have.

In addition, the instructor will likely take you for a drive. This will give you a chance to see what driving is like on the open road. Be sure to pay attention and ask any questions you have.

Finally, the instructor will likely give you homework. This may include things like practice driving in a parking lot or studying for the driving test.

3. How to improve your driving skills

If you’re looking to improve your driving skills, there are a few things you can do. First of all, be sure to practice as often as possible. This may include driving in a parking lot or on the open road.

In addition, be sure to study for the driving test. The more prepared you are, the better chance you have of passing.

Be patient and stay calm behind the wheel. The more relaxed you are, the better driver you will be.:

Practice as often as possible. This may include driving in a parking lot or on the open road.

Study for the driving test and be prepared.

4. Tips for passing your driving test

1. Practice, practice, practice

One of the best ways to prepare for your driving test is to practice as often as possible. This may include driving in a parking lot or on the open road.

2. Be prepared

The more prepared you are, the better chance you have of passing your driving test. This may include studying for the test and practicing driving in different scenarios.

3. Stay calm and relax

The more relaxed you are behind the wheel, the better driver you will be. So be sure to stay calm and relax during your driving test.

4. Follow the instructor’s instructions

It’s important to follow the instructor’s instructions during your driving test. This will help ensure that you don’t make any mistakes and increase your chances of passing.

Passing your driving test can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

Practice as often as possible. This may include driving in a parking lot or on the open road.

Be prepared by studying for the driving test and practicing in different scenarios.

Stay calm and relaxed behind the wheel. The more relaxed you are, the better driver you will be.

Follow the instructor’s instructions during your driving test.

5. The benefits of taking driving lessons

There are many benefits to taking driving lessons. The most obvious is that you learn how to drive. This can be a life-saving skill and can help you get around town more easily.

In addition, driving lessons can help you improve your driving skills. This can make you a safer driver and may even help you save money on car insurance.

Finally, driving lessons can help you prepare for your driving test. If you pass your driving test, you will be able to drive legally.

There are many benefits to taking driving lessons. Here are a few of the most important ones:

You learn how to drive.

You improve your driving skills.

You prepare for your driving test.

You can legally drive in your state after passing your driving test.


This article discusses the benefits of taking driving lessons. Driving lessons can help you learn how to drive, improve your driving skills, and prepare for your driving test. They can also help you save money on car insurance and allow you to legally drive in your state after passing your driving test. So if you’re looking to improve your driving skills, be sure to take driving lessons in Wirral.

In addition, be sure to study for the driving test. The more prepared you are, the better chance you have of passing.

Finally, be patient and stay calm behind the wheel. The more relaxed you are, the better driver you will be.


Goli Gummies & ACV

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Ever heard of Goli Gummies? No I hadn’t until recently either. Here’s another for you have you ever heard of Apple Cider Vinegar?

Again, me neither.

I was asked not so long ago to take a long on behalf of a client and the more I delved deeper the more intrigued I became.

This truly does seem like a bit of a wonder drug with the benefits ranging from acne cures to weight loss.

There does seem to be a huge craze around these gummies which are essentially just that, they are apple cider vinegar (which I imagine doesn’t taste very nice) in a nice easy to swallow gummy so I imagine this tastes quite nice.

I do intermittent fasting and it’s good to see that this wonder drug (I say ‘drug’ it’s not it’s a natural supplement) is good for this too and if you want to find out why check out this article from the same guys in the link above entitled “the benefits of apple cider vinegar” and this is only partially related to the fasting because it’s the ACV that essentially does the work.

So if you were to market this product where would you start? We all know that Amazon “adapt” people’s products on a regular basis and assimilate them into Amazon clones so I think this would be a risky venture.

I think SEO is a good way forward and there are plenty of routes to take (although probably quite competitive but I haven’t really checked out the competition yet) and of course there is the paid ads route which given the health YMYL thing this is probably a mine field. Finally social media which is a given.

Social media marketing ideally should be a huge marketing channel given that people who buy this stuff are probably using the plethera of social platforms just ready to share the information that could be published with SEO in mind.

I’m going to post about this again at some point in the near future but I thought I’d have a little chat about it before I delve further into deciding whether I want to tackle this as an affiliate project or not.

All the best!


Weird Niches – Mechanical O Ring Seals

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mechanical seals and o-ring seals

We were having a team meeting in the pub the other day (seriously dude, that’s how we roll) about what work we had done in weird niches. One of our team members, Mark, brought an ex client who sold mechanical seals and o ring seals (link provided but brand shall remain nameless) and what the creative / SEO approach was for this particular project.

You see tackling obscur niches can be tricky for all marketers, you may well already know this.

The conclusions that we reached are:

  • Search volume needs to be taken very lightly, your client may be selling something very valuable and therefore even a single sale could produce an Return On Investment (ROI) for them.
  • Some businesses like the mechanical seal sellers have a customer who does not tend to Google for things, they either have a trade catalogue or they go to a local supplier for parts – a car garage is a good example.
  • This shouldn’t deter you from still trying to do your best for the client, after all in the instance of selling O ring seals once the connection is made from seller to buyer that relationship is forged so as long as there is SOME volume you should go for it.
  • Don’t trust search volume anyway, valid in other ways. If you selling mechanical seals to engineers then maybe they tend not to search for your product directly. They probably have their own obscur interest in O rings such as “what is the heat bearance of a 2 inch polymer O ring when used in a rocket system” or something crazy like that (we made that one up). So dive deep into your research, go speak to the seller AND buyers and ask nicely if they will talk to you about their industry. You should also leverage forums, YouTube, Reddit etc because these can be great sources of information when it comes to the type of information these guys really want to know.
  • Sometimes it’s more important to dig deep into the technical information and provide this data for engineers (which is what Mark did in the case of the mechanical O Ring guys). Engineers then share this in their forums etc and you get a win.

This obviously is just a single case which was brought up in our conversation and if have some suggestions of your own then we’d love to continue this discussion with you in our comment section below or on one of our social media platforms.

We hope this has been of use – see you soon readers!

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He Slimed Me – PASMA Training (Not Plasma)

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PASMA Training Liverpool

We’re huge Ghostbusters fans (original version, not the crappy re-make) so when we were asked to try and promote a PASMA training in Liverpool course we were intrigued. We first thought that Beech training might have been another way to train wannabe ghost hunters but alas we were wrong. Beech are a company offering industry training services such as fire safety training and other health and safety at work related courses.

Our campaign and remit is to increase the overall visibility of the courses and brand and as per our other strategies this ideally would be based around content marketing.

Content marketing usually works great when you have an industry open to it, usually in the B2C areas of business but when B2B is involved it does seem at times that content is not as easy to create that will earn backlinks simply because most webmasters of business blogs tend to write about their latest company events and awards they attended rather than link to other blog posts unless they have an SEO person involved.

So our tactic in this instance (although could be argued against) is clear. We will ensure that all technical elements of the website are taken care of and then focus upon the pages and their overall optimisation. We then need to find places that would be willing to give the website a backlink and as you may well know this isn’t easy without a good reason. So we’re restricted to things like business directories, niche directories, web 2.0’s (branded), guest posts and if possibly a link from companies that deal with Beech and don’t mind providing a link.

So far so good, we’ve been at for about 5 weeks and here’s a snapshot of rankings comparing Jan 1st to Feb 10th (2020), we’ve omitted the ranking URL on purpose:

PASMA and other industry services rankings

As you can see it’s early days and not a bad but not great start, we do however plan to turn this around within the next 2 to 3 months and we’ll keep you informed.

Coming soon….how we generated 5,500 extra visitors a month for a new client within just 5 weeks!

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Welcome To Pure Conservatory Builders in Wirral

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Here’s a new entry for a conservatory builder with a difference. They are called Pure Conservatories in Wirral  and what is really unique about these guys is their LEKA system.

It’s fantastic! It is a solid roof that replaces the glazed roof on a conservatory which enables you to use it all year round. It’s a great idea, theoretically you don’t even need to replace the actual conservatory (or orangery) you just need to replace the roof.

But here at Yellow Search as you know we’re more interested in the marketing side of things and so although we’re not directly involved with this one we certainly are keeping a close tab on it because there are a lot of conservatory builders out there who could benefit from our services. If this one does well then it makes sense to apply the same strategy to other conservatory builders, we’ll just make sure that we stay clear of Wirral and the other local areas such as Liverpool & Chester (which we can see they are promoting their services in too).


We spoke to Graham the guy heading up the campaign who is a good friend of ours and he told us “It’s all about fixing everything on the website itself in the first instance so the search engines have an easier time crawling the site. Once that’s done we need to make sure the keywords and landing pages are correct. Then personally I follow it up with a second audit but this time include the new landing pages. Once this is done I started publishing new content that will attract backlinks and I also set out to promote their brand as strongly as I can.”

Need a solicitor in St Helens? Visit

This is a very similar strategy that we follow ourselves and we guess he’s not about to divulge everything that he does but it’s re-assuring to know that there is common ground between everyone who does SEO for a living.

So to recap, we’re watching these conservatory builders in Wirral closely! Also, see this great driving school in Wirral as another local recommendation.

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Clothes Collection Charity

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What Is Ethical Clothes Recycling

Charity begins at home some people say and in some cases that’s probably true but what if you want to help people outside of your immediate family? There are plenty of servicesthat help charities where they need it most. Well if you can drive then you probably know that people already rely upon your charitable taxi’ing skills (perhaps if you are living in Wirral or Ellesmere Port then learning to drive would be a great gift for that “special” family member(s)), Chester is already swamped with learner drivers!

Anyway, I digress. If you would like to donate something to charity there’s lots of ways you can go about it and giving your old clothes is a very amicable way of parting with your old friends – they will go ahead and help another person who needs them more than you do then the world is moving toward being a better place one step at a time.

Marketing a charity using SEO is a mixed bag. If the charity is targeting a local audience then you’re back to ranking for individual keywords again however if the charity is able to take donations from all over the UK (or even further) then the marketing takes on a whole new twist because now you can focus on a content marketing strategy and push thousands of keywords with the strategy in mind of being able to attract attention from people further afield who want to donate their clothing or other items for a worthy cause.

Outreach is a good method for charities, if you can find complimentary companies who are willing to list your charity or your service that aids charities on their website (and most people with a heart will do this) this is a good way of getting your website and charitable service noticed.

Also, if you are targeting a local audience then it makes sense to be listed locally too so that people who want to donate to a charity (particularly in the local area) then they can give you a call for your services.

All in all working a marketing strategy for charities or companies that help charities can be a really good thing, it’s ethical and morally correct to do this. Every little helps as the saying goes. The blog post above regarding ethical clothing recycling is a good read – it shows just how much wastage is happening because people are buying an obscene amount of clothing for it just to go to waste and end up on the rubbish dump. There are people worldwide who don’t have enough clothing to wear and there are people in affluent countries literally throwing clothes away – it’s madness!


Roofers Wirral – How To Market A Roofing Company in Google

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Marketing a roofing company is relatively easy, it’s a local audience and most work will come word of mouth if the company is any good. But this doesn’t mean to say that a roofing company shouldn’t ignore SEO and other forms of Internet based marketing. It’s possible to combine off site marketing such as leaflet drops and local newspaper adverts but lots of people do actually check out the reputation of a building company nowadays before hiring so it really is worth considering reputation management as a part of your marketing strategy overall even if you think the internet is a magic box of tricks or a place to watch videos on.

Reputation Management

There are plenty of places that you could register your roofing company on which allow for customer feedback and this in turn will be read by future prospective customers for your business. Rated building, Yelp, Google reviews to name just a few but even Facebook should make it onto your target list of sites to get a good review from given the viral nature of some of the posts that seem to get shared when something goes wrong (or even good if you do a good enough job).

It’s all about the best roofing company

Well maybe that’s not the case because to be fair there are plenty of really good roofers who do a great job who don’t get the recognition that they deserve just because they are not great at promoting their own company and that’s where SEO and other marketing services can help.

Getting your roofing company to the top of Google is only a small slice of the pie. All this will do is to put you in the eyes of the people needing roofing work undertaking, they will check out your website, probably get a quote and then check you out against your previous work so be prepared if you have had any bad reviews in the past to explain why this is the case.

We’ll write more on marketing a roofing company soon but for now we’re signing off, bye for now!

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How to market a carpet cleaning company

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Here’s some advice if you are a carpet cleaner like this carpet cleaning Liverpool company. When thinking about what to put on your website ALWAYS PUT THE USER FIRST!

It features testimonials and reviews, photographs or work (and videos), pages that describe what services are offered, useful blog posts to help people out if they”re looking for an expert advisor and more.

Not only this but in terms of SEO it builds on TRUST.

Not only trust with people but also with Google. First of all ALWAYS PUT THE USER FIRST – so the trust you must install to your visitors will be along the lines of

  • having a GDPR compliant cookie notification
  • having a privacy policy
  • displaying expertise with your content and imagery
  • easy to navigate service pages
  • company branding including logo that is consistent throughout the web
  • displaying your opening hours and contact details including address
  • your content is actually helpful to read and answers the questions your visitors may have

If you satisfy this element for the user then the search engine falls into place right behind it. We’ve not mentioned page load speed but this comes under the User Experience, this and other tweaks that you can make to your website (which should always be for the User Experience) will  then translate into good on page SEO. The only thing that is missing really is schema markup which IS for search engines but then results in better search results in Google so again this is helping the overall User Experience.

People overcomplicate things when it comes to SEO for their carpet cleaning business. Just think like your users, create a trusted and useful experience for the user journey and try to eliminate any frustration points they may experience.

Local SEO differs from nationally targeted SEO because your target audience is local and local people would not necessarily benefit from you talking about how to get a stain out of carpet. After all if this is what they are looking for they’re probably not going to hire you to do it for them unless you can convince them otherwise. On the other hand if you have an obscure business you need to be publishing content that will inform and educate them so they are introduced into your sales funnel. Some local SEO just needs more landing pages for locations within your target city for each of your services, in the case of carpet cleaning this is the best way to approach getting more traffic to your site which converts (speaking from an organic SEO perspective only). Content marketing WILL result in more traffic but probably less conversions.

The key take away is to know your customers and the why & how of their contact with your business. If you need to take a content marketing approach then do that, otherwise hit them with useful pages that target their local town and service requirement i.e. sofa cleaning in Birkenhead. Be a big fish in a little pond and your phone will ring all day long.

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Video Production Liverpool

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If you are interested in video production Liverpool then stop searching.

We’re currently looking at just this topic and we’ve been in touch with the fantastic guys at Zut Media who are just simply video production Gods and also based not too far away in Liverpool (they also have an office in Manchester (video production Manchester) but we’re closer to the Liverpool office.

They’ve done video for the likes of EFC, LFC and Betfred to say the least. You really should check out their impressive portfolio.

If you want video marketing then an impressive client list is always something that catches the eye especially when you’ve seen their video before and now you realise you are speaking to the actual people who made it happen.

video production Liverpool company Zut Media

Often it is said that video production is the bringing to life of a vision, after all a vision is personal and not something else can see so to be able to actualise this really is a gift that not everybody has.

Of course, most people have access to video editing equipment these days, most phones come with such software and there is even video production software that comes with Microsoft but this is the equivalent of saying that because you own a football you can be a professional footballer. It just isn’t the case.

Being able to use a professional tool in a professional manner but backing it up with the creative genius required to come up with the goods is not something that just anybody with an app or bit of free software can do easily if at all.

No, the only real way to get great video production results is to check out who does it best and Zut Media get our vote every single time.

Sure, there are other local video production companies and their websites look slick until you see their videos – they’re good no two ways about it but beauty lies within the eye of the beholder and we just knew that when it comes time for Yellow Search to start our live streaming sessions we needed a local Liverpool video production company that could handle anything that we asked them to do and more besides.

Zut can do it all, from pre production, post production, the editing, live streaming, animation the whole nine yards and this is exactly what we need. We’d like a video that incorporates some animation along with normal video that captures what we aim our company to be about – realise our vision if you will – and we hope that Zut are just the company that will allow us to do just that.

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SEO Salford

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SEO Salford

SEO? What’s That?

If you’re on this page it means you’ve probably searched for “SEO Salford” or something similar. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation and this is the SEO Salford page on Yellow Search. SEO is the process of optimisation of a web property to make it more visible in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Salford SEO Services

Search Engines are smart, they are full of buyers looking for your business and by telling them exactly what your business is all about and how they can benefit from your products or services we can utilise them to match these buyers to your business. The question is how do you do it? Well SEO is a part of Internet or Digital Marketing and it is still the biggest form of driving people to your website when looking for a product or service similar to your own business.

Tell Me More About SEO and How It Benefits My Salford Based Business

Search Engine Optimisation has evolved massively over the years. It’s no longer about being the biggest, but it has always been about being the best. The best answers for the questions being asked.

The thing is everybody wants to be at the top of the Search Engines such as Google – but for what? Which “keyword”, do you mean your brand? Your service? Your product? Keyword research is the crucial element of SEO that cannot be ignored, great on page and User Experience is key too.


Be Smart With Your Link Profile

Google has gone on record to say that backlinks still are the biggest ranking factor on any website.
Content is king, no doubt, but by branding your business correctly and promoting what you do those backlinks are kept in line with the Google guidelines and you shouldn’t worry too much about getting hit with a Google penalty.

The best way to approach this literally is to forget about please Google and become user-centric. Focus on pleasing your visitors and potential customers and the links will naturally come.

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Marketing Advice – Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO Liverpool, SEO Wirral, SEO Chester Image

SEO Liverpool, SEO Wirral, SEO Chester Image

SEO is critical for the success of your business whether you are in the business of Real Estate, Law or any other profession.

Look at the following and what do you see?

UK based SEO Consultant
SEO Liverpool
SEO Chester
SEO Wirral

These are known as “keywords” and they are examples of what can be typed into search  engines such as Google, YouTube – yes YouTube is a search engine too. By appearing nearer to the top of any search engine you are more likely to get clicks by the searcher. They are the target of SEO Consultant Graham who is a local SEO professional.

This means one thing – that if you pick the correct keywords then you will potentially land more leads, more customers and more targeted traffic to your website and therefore increase the likelihood of success for your business.

When it comes to law you need to attract clicks from people who are specifically looking for you service, if you are a real estate agent then the clicks can either go to your specific property pages or perhaps to the area page that covers the searchers local (or intended) search area such as Liverpool for example.

This is nothing new and I’m sure that you’ve heard of keywords before BUT the critical thing is getting them correct, if you pick the wrong keywords then you will struggle to land another client from organic search purely because you picked the wrong direction to take your marketing in – it’s the same as advertising yourself as a butchers shop but selling clothes – the product or service that you sell must match the intention behind the people you want to attract.

SEO professionals have many ways to find these keywords and you really shouldn’t guess at them yourself. Everything is data driven when it comes to measurement and analysis including the user intent and volumes attached to the keywords that you will end up targeting.

There are different types of keywords too, short, medium and long tail. Do you know the difference? If not then you need to get an SEO who does, try clicking one of the links above and asking the person at the other end for advice.

This has been a guest blog by Graham.

You can find out more about what I offer by clicking the links above.